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This page lists tips and hints for future events.

How To

Here's what to do to organize an SfS Fachschafts-Party:

  • use a section of the Events page to keep track of who's responsible for what
    • use the mailing list to ask people to help you - you don't have to do everything by yourself
  • get the keys for room 1.13 (ask one of the secretaries)
  • sponsoring options:
    • collect money from the professors and lecturers (it should be possible to obtain between 10 and 20 Euros from most of them)
    • ask a commercial sponsor (see list below)
  • food and drinks
    • buy some food and drinks (it helps if someone can drive to Kaufland)
    • ask if someone wants to bake cake or cookies (or whatever you like) using the mailing list
  • music
    • get musical equipment (good people to ask about this are Ramon Ziai and Petra Augurzky)
    • put together a playlist
    • ask a band to give a concert (see list below)
  • get some volunteers for setting up and cleaning up, especially someone with an office where you can store leftovers and Pfandflaschen
  • announce the event
    • design a nice poster to hang throughout the SfS
    • post an announcement to our mailing list
    • if your event is open to lecturers and staff, send an email to the sfs-all mailing list (ask Jochen Saile to forward it for you if you don't have permission to post)

The Fachschaft is always happy about new members, so feel free to join and get things started!


There is still a lot of Glühwein from past events. Ask Roland Mühlenbernd. UPDATE: Used all of the Glühwein for the last christmas party! =)


We received a lot of sponsoring offers recently. Please go to the mailing list archives to check them out:


Here are a few offers for cheaper drinks we received:

  • Wulle (local Beer producer)
  • fiestafox (online platform offering discounts on branded drinks)


The following bands would be happy to give a concert:

  • FATONES (rock, indie)
  • J. Herdtfelder and band [1]
  • The Tapas [2]