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Join the Fachschaft Sprachwissenschaft and shape student life at the SfS! You will get to know a lot of cool and nice people. Take a glimpse behind the scenes!

Check out our Structure to get an idea of what other people are already doing in the Fachschaft.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for students of ISCL and / or General Linguistics who like to do one of the following 'jobs'. Especially students from earlier semesters are greatly appreciated.

Keep the Exam Folder

We need someone to look after the exam folders. The exam folder used to be a physical collection of old exams from a wide range of courses, its whereabouts are currently unknown. It would probably be a good idea to start from scratch and move it online.

ideas copied from Primordial Soup:

  • Examination Folder Online
  • Homeworks Folder Online
  • Term Papers Collection

Organize Events

Get to know your fellow students and promote the exchange of experience and new ideas! Here is a guide to organizing events.

Provide Source Code

Everyone can contribute a bit to this one: You could provide the code of some Java and / or Python exercises from your early days. This would help students who are currently taking their first-ever programming course. Just upload the exercise text and the code to a new page and link it to Source Code. Just do not upload the solution to exercises that have been graded (probably the lecturers want to re-use them).

Add Information to the Wiki

Again something for everyone: Please help us keep the information in this wiki up to date! Just choose a random page and edit it!

Contact us

Simply send an email to our mailing list. This is the easiest way to get in touch with everyone else.