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This page is for working out rules for our mailing list. If you want to modify an existing rule, please copy it and modify the copy, while preserving the original.


What behavior triggers action?

  • Forbidden are messages that contain personal insults, racist or otherwise discriminatory contents, or are written in a hateful tone.
  • Spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail) is forbidden.
  • Phrases like "No offense but..." or "Sorry to say this in such a harsh tone but..." do not make a comment less hateful or insulting. Using such phrases is also forbidden.

What action will we take?

  • When someone posts a message that is against the rules, their ability to send messages over the list is temporarily suspended by a moderator or administrator. Then a poll is done about whether to ban that user from the list. The offender himself/herself may not vote.
  • When someone posts a message that is against the rules, a moderator or administrator issues a warning to that user. If the user posts another inappropriate message, they are banned.

Actual rules

(To be filled after an offical vote.)