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== News ==
== News ==
     <div class="inhalt" style="background-color: #FDFF5F; text-align: left;">
     <div class="inhalt" style="background-color: #FDFF5F; text-align: left;">
* next '''Stammtisch''' Monday, '''12.10.2015''' at the Irish Pub (right after the Introductory Meeting at the SfS).
* next '''Stammtisch''' Wednesday, '''21.10.2015''' at the Irish Pub (see [[Regulars'_table]] for all upcoming dates)!
* 29.10.2015 '''Clubhausfest''' together with the Fachschaft Germanistik
* 29.10.2015 '''Clubhausfest''' together with the Fachschaft Germanistik

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What is the Fachschaft Sprachwissenschaft?

The Fachschaft Sprachwissenschaft is an association of students, open to all who study at the Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft at the University of Tübingen, whether General or Computational Linguistics, or both. Our objectives are

  • to help each other - especially new students - by sharing our experiences,
  • to organize events for getting to know each other and
  • to lobby for improvements in the course of studies and at the university.


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  • next Stammtisch Wednesday, 21.10.2015 at the Irish Pub (see Regulars'_table for all upcoming dates)!
  • 29.10.2015 Clubhausfest together with the Fachschaft Germanistik
  • 06.-08.11.2015 Ersti-Hütte/SFS-students'-weekend at the Waldheim in Albstadt-Tailfingen

Where can I find information?

Linguistics, CompLing, and Technical Support


I have more questions. Who can I ask?

  • Us, the Fachschaft: fachschaft ät mailman döt sfs döt uni-tuebingen döt de
  • The lecturer of the course you have questions about (search for their name on the University home page)
  • Your study advisor
  • Dr. Sauer from the Prüfungsamt (examination office)

When you have found the answer to your question and think that other people might be interested in it as well, feel free to add more information to this Wiki!