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When do we meet? Please see [[Meetings]].
When do we meet? Please see [[Meetings]].
== Tag der Offenen Tür ==
Am Samstag, 21. Juni 2008 fand am SfS der Tag der Offenen Tür statt.
Dazu gibt es hier im Wiki eine [[Tag der Offenen Tür|offizielle Seite für die Besucher]].
(And here's the [[Tag der Computerlinguistik|internal page]] for the organizers.)
== These pages ==
== These pages ==

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The Fachschaft

The Fachschaft Sprachwissenschaft is an association of students, open to all who study at the Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft, whether General or Computational Linguistics or both. Our objectives are:

  • to discuss problems in the course of studies or at the university
  • to exchange our experiences
  • to organize events for getting to know each other.

When do we meet? Please see Meetings.

These pages

This pages are supposed to grow and live long and prosper! It's easy because everyone can edit them, just like Wikipedia. Yes, you too! See the help section for details. Not everything is ready yet, but you can change that!

To help in providing more content in these pages, the Primordial Soup has been called into life. It will serve as a melting pot for new ideas and as a TODO list.


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So, where do we go from here? You probably want to support us in our efforts!

Mailing list

To stay up to date with meetings, events, and goings-on, please subscribe to our mailing list. If you use Google Mail, you can request membership at the web page of the mailing list. Otherwise, send Kilian an e-mail and he'll add you to the list.

Useful Information for ISCL/AS students