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(Fachschaft meeting Wednesday '''January 27th''' 2016)
(Fachschaft meeting Wednesday '''January 27th''' 2016)
Wednesday '''February 10th''' 2016
Friday '''February 12th''' 2016 at the Irish Pub (Saints and Scholars)

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The regulars' table ("Stammtisch") meets once a month (see dates below) at 8 pm at the Bierkeller (below the Mensa Wilhelmstraße) or at the Irish Pub. Usually it's just the second Wednesday of the month, but we announce the dates beforehand.

Dates: (can be changed)

(Christmas Party Wednesday December 16th 2015)

Wednesday January 13th 2016

(Fachschaft meeting Wednesday January 27th 2016)

Friday February 12th 2016 at the Irish Pub (Saints and Scholars)