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This article explains how to login to the SfS servers from any computer within the university network. If you're outside the university network, you can 'fake' being inside it by using a VPN connection.

You can connect to an SfS server (e.g., not only via the computers at the SfS, but also remotely over the internet. This is a prerequisite for accessing your SfS e-mail account, your home folder, certain applications, and resources provided by lecturers.

A prerequisite to connecting to servers using SSH is that you have an SSH client installed on your local computer. Linux and Mac OS X come with a preinstalled SSH client called ssh. On MS Windows, you have to download and install such a program.

(A similar article used to be in the FAQ.)

On Linux and Mac OS X

These are an example instructions for connecting to Urobe. You can connect to many other SfS servers in the same way. Just replace urobe with the name of the desired server.

As soon as you are inside the university network, open a terminal window and type:


Replace username with your username on Urobe. If you omit your username and the @, your computer will automatically send your local username to Urobe. If you do not have the same username on your computer as on Urobe, always use this command with the prefix username@. Next, you will be prompted for your password, which will not be shown while you type it. Confirm it by hitting Return.

Now you should see a new prompt like username@urobe:~>. This is the very same prompt you see when using a computer at one of the labs. However, you cannot start applications with GUIs, such as DrJava or Firefox, from this prompt. There is a way to enable GUIs when connecting to Urobe from a remote computer but the speed depends on your internet connection. (e.g., DSL 2000 is too slow to be really useful.) Just use the -X option with the ssh command:

ssh -X

To terminate the connection, hit Ctrl+D (=EOF) or type logout. You should then see a message stating that the connection to Urobe has been closed.

On MS Windows

There are SSH clients for MS Windows, as well. The perhaps most widely used one is called 'PuTTy'. Also see for PuTTy and other SSH clients.

When prompted for a host, enter

Please refer to the documentation of your SSH client for further help. If you don't understand it, looking up the words you don't know on Wikipedia helps. If it doesn't, ask your questions on the Mailing list!