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This page lists a few SfS servers and what they're used for. By intention, this page does not list all servers of the SfS, but only those that are relevant to students and can be accessed from outside the SfS network (e.g., by HTTP or SSH).


Address: urobe.sfs.uni-tuebingen.de

Access: SSH, via any computer in the lab

All computers in the lab (room 2.26/2.28) use this server. When you login at a lab computer, you login to Urobe, not to the local machine.


Address: polliwog.sfs.uni-tuebingen.de

Access: HTTP (Trac), SVN

For student group projects coordinated via SVN. Currently not available due to technical issues.


Back in its old days, the SfS was using computing technology by Sun Microsystems. This technology was running Solaris as Operation System on special hardware. Hence, the server was also running this system and they decided to call it Penthesilea. It did a lot of jobs, including being the e-mail server and the server for people to login from outside the SfS network and thus also the machine on which one could run programs remotely from home.

Penthesilea grew a beard and the beard became gray, so it was obvious that it needed a successor. This successor now is Urobe and it runs Linux. It is hosting the (new) mailboxes and it is there for you to login from the outside. On Urobe, you should have everything you have on the pool machine – excluding screen and keyboard.

At the time of writing (2008-11-18), there are quite some mailboxes still living on Penthesilea. Both machines can be accessed from the University Network only (use VPN from home!).