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Here we list some advice about where, when, and how to do a software internship.

General considerations

Official requirements can be found on the SfS website.

Companies and organizations that offer internships

Heidelberger Institut für Theoretische Studien, Germany

A couple of us did our internship at EML-Research in Heidelberg, which was pretty good (clearly defined tasks and feedback but not too much supervision, and you get a publication out of it, too, but you can't re-use what you write there unless you continue working with them), but they've since been renamed Heidelberger Institut für Theoretische Studien (HITS, the NLP group) and I don't know if they still do internships. You should email Michael Strube or Vivi Nastase to find out. (Caveats: Housing in Heidelberg is expensive and hard to find, and EML/HITS is located on top of a hill - there is some bus connection, I believe, and it's also bikeable!)

by Laura Kassner

HITS has a very research/academic nature in terms of the work being done and in terms of the environment and people. To me that was preferable to a company, but for those who want exposure to the real Corporate Germany (is that a term?), they likely won't get it there. They love doing things with Wikipedia. They are on top of a hill, and buses don't go there (but ruftaxis do; at €3 per ride I think), the walk from the nearest bus station is 20 minutes but quite scenic. The dining hall is posh. The people are friendly (many are connected to Uni Heidelberg somehow, either HiWis or PhD students). All the espressos and Cappuccinos you can drink are free. The pay was not too swell: €400 per month. No strict schedule for when you can come in and leave.

Of course, this info comes with the caveat that things may have changed by now.

by Anas Elghafari

IBM Böblingen, Germany

IBM-Labor in BB hat gute Verbindungen zum Institut. Viele von uns waren schon für längere Zeit und öfters dort. Das wäre zu empfehlen.

by Niko Schenk

IBM page

Ontotext, Bulgaria

I did my BA intern at Ontotext.

It is a nice place if you are interested in Information Extraction, Ontologies, Web Mining, Machine Learning. My internship was two months and I did relation information extraction, trying to find relationships between certain entities in text, e.g. [organization, place, employee]. The company is located in Bulgaria. However, they are very open and the company as a whole has experience with foreign interns, so if you are interested in these areas, my advice is to give it a try! You can learn a lot. Let me know if you need more information about it. Good luck!

by Maria I. Tchalakova

Textkernel, The Netherlands

You can also try this company: Textkernel, it is based in the Netherlands.

It works in more or less the same areas (not so much ontologies, but on the other hand a lot in machine learning, sentiment analysis, information extraction), and we are looking for interns from time to time.

For both places, even if there are no open applications for interns on the web pages, just ask/apply if you are interested.

by Maria I. Tchalakova