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This is a page for keeping track of the organization of this event.


There are quite some places we can use, however, a kind of a Schrebergarten would be really nice (we can continue with a party right after the grill).

Some bad suggestions gathered from Internet.

  • Rotes Tor in Pfrondorf
  • The place near Bebenhausen
  • Wildwiese behind Hagelloch
  • Schützenhaus Derendingen
  • Wurmlinger Kappelle



  • 18th July

Food & Drinks

Everyone should bring his/her own stuff to be grilled. We can take care of some drinks plus the leftovers from the ODD day (some snacks and sweets).

Stuff to be organized

  • Grill
  • Tables and benches
  • Stereo - if we have the luck to have some electricity
  • Live music (another jam session will be quite nice)