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This page describes the organizational structure of the Fachschaft and lists people who have a definitive job or post in the Fachschaft. This is by no means a membership list. We're happy about everyone who participates actively. Join us today!

If you want to contact "The Fachschaft", send an email to our mailing list.

There's also a Facebook page:


The meetings of the Fachschaft currently take place rather irregularly and are announced via the mailing list and Facebook. Often there's also cake involved. ;)

Regular participants of the FS are at the moment:

Neele, Tobias, Anna, Tobias, Johanna

Feel free to join us as well!!

Representatives in the Institutsbeirat (Institute Council)

Tobias Elssner and Valentin Pickard; Nadine Balbach (WS 2015/16)

Nadine Balbach and Julia Krings (WS 2014/15)

Dankmar Enke and Julia Krings (WS 2013/14)

Dankmar Enke and Nadine Hollmann (elected on February 4th, 2011, started second term on November 19th, 2012)

Website and Mailing List Administrator

fachschaft-owner ät mailman döt sfs döt uni-tuebingen döt de

Event Organizers

Here is a non-comprehensive list of people who have organized some events in the past. This does not mean they are the only ones who may organize events, nor does it imply (or exclude) that they are willing to organize future events.

Contact the Fachschaft via Mail or come to one of our meetings if your interested in organizing an event.