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This is a list of all current study advisors in the department. All other pages referring to a study advisor should link here instead of including the name of the advisor directly, so the contact details can easily be kept up-to-date.

For more contact details, consult the latest handout from the Introductory Meeting at the beginning of each semester.

All Scheins can be picked up at the office of the secretary.


B.A. & Semester abroad

Prof. Dr. Christopher Culy Wilhelmstr. 19, office 1.31 christopher döt culy ät uni-tuebingen döt de


Dale Gerdemann, PhD Wilhelmstr. 19, office 2.19 dg ät sfs döt uni-tuebingen döt de


Verena Henrich

Wilhelmstr. 19, office 2.24

vhenrich ät sfs döt uni-tuebingen döt de


Dr. Frank Richter

Wilhelmstr. 19, office 2.17

fr ät sfs döt uni-tuebingen döt de

ISCL with Minor in General Linguistics

Prof. Dr. Christian Ebert

Wilhelmstr. 19, office 1.19

christian DOT ebert AT uni - tuebingen DOT de

Integriertes Nebenfach Linguistik des Deutschen

Dr. Maria Averintseva-Klisch

Wilhelmstr. 50, Zimmer 444

Integrated Minor Slavistik

Nathalie Mai-Deines

Wilhelmstr. 50, office 532

General Linguistics


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Sternefeld

Wilhelmstr. 19, office 1.15

wolfgang döt sternefeld ät uni-tuebingen döt de


Dr. Armin Buch (?)

Wilhelmstr. 19, office 1.17

armin döt buch ät uni-tuebingen döt de