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How to use the wireless internet inside the University?

First of all you need to get an account from ZDV, which every new student gets automatically after enrolment. Once you have an account follow the procedure for your favourite operating system.

Ubuntu 8.10 (for GNOME users)

Install VPN Software

Make sure that you have a following package installed:


Connect to the wireless network

Left-click on the Network Manager icon and choose BELWUE from the list of available wireless networks

Vpn config0.png

Configure VPN

Left-click on the Network Manager icon, go to VPN Connections -> Configure VPN...

Vpn config1.png

It should open the VPN tab of the Network Connections preferences. In this window press the Add button

Vpn config2.png

Which will prompt for a VPN Connection Type, where you should choose Cisco Compatible VPN(vpnc) and press Create...

Vpn config3.png

In the next window you should fill the connection settings as following:

Connection Name: anything you like

Gateway: vpn.uni-tuebingen.de.

Group Name: belwue

User Password: your password from ZDV

Group Password: WLANdle

User Name: you user name from ZDV

Leave the other fields at their default values. Press OK to save

Vpn config4.png

Connect to VPN

Left-click on the Network Manager icon, go to VPN Connections and click on the name of the newly created VPN connection

Vpn config5.png

Notice that the icon of the Network Manager changes once you are connected to VPN

Vpn config6.png

Congratulations! Now you can use the Internet

Note: Next time you want to use the Internet inside the university just repeat the steps 2 and 4.